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The professional line of advanced care chemical peelings that accelerates skin regeneration and restores the skin microbiome.

Chemical peels cause the skin to be exposed and vulnerable and it is essential to restore its defenses after a deep peel.

PROBIOME PEEL includes an innovative multibiotic complex that restores the skin’s microbiome. Contains pre and postbiotics with probiotic activity that stimulate the skin’s natural internal and external defense mechanisms, providing comfort and protection to it.

THE MICROBIOME, AN ECOSYSTEM OF MICROORGANISMS. In our body lives a beneficial invisible ecosystem made up of microorganisms essential for skin health: the microbiome. Keeping it balanced is crucial for it to act as a line of defense against external aggressions and enhance the skin’s ability to recover.

AGE SMOOTHING PEEL Combination of acids formulated to smooth the skin and soften the appearance of signs of aging. Its composition of AHAs and antioxidant action acids, gives it a great capacity to renew the appearance of the skin and neutralize the radicals that promote premature aging. Recommended to exfoliate photoaged skin, with wrinkles and/or flaccid.

ADVANCED LIGHTENING PEEL- Combination of acids formulated to soften the appearance of dark spots and unify skin tone. Its formula incorporates acids with antioxidant and lightening action that give it a great capacity to blur skin pigmentation. Recommended to exfoliate skin with spots.

DEEP HYDRATION (SENSITIVE SKIN) Combination of acids formulated to renew skin sensitive to alpha-hydroxy acids. Its high concentration of polyhydroxy acids gives it a great moisturizing capacity without altering the skin barrier or attacking the skin. Recommended for exfoliating skin prone to sensitive/reactive to AHAs

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