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The kinesiotape is a thin elastic bandage made of cotton, waterproof and antiallergic that contains a glue for medical use to be able to adhere to the skin without moving from the applied area and allows it to perspire and breathe.

Kinesiotape is similar to human skin in both thickness and elasticity, allowing it to be worn without getting stuck or restricting movement.

It is a natural treatment that helps the muscles and joints, without immobilizing them or limiting their movements, to initiate a self-healing process. Its action is based on somatosensory stimulation, relieving pain and facilitating lymphatic drainage, thanks to the microscopic lifting of the skin. The somatosensory system is responsible for collecting sensory information from the body; contains primary sensory neurons located in the skin and other tissues of the body

The kinesiotape has multiple advantages such as:

Improved circulation

Pain relief

Muscle recovery or relaxation


It is applied in patients with sports pathologies and in people who have muscle pain, tendonitis or joint pain.

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