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The main function of creams is to hydrate and protect the skin from external factors, but on a superficial level. This is because its molecules are much larger than those of serums and it contains a higher concentration of fatty components. They will not penetrate the skin. What they do is to cover it.

The cream creates a thin invisible layer that prevents the skin from losing water, making it look flexible and giving a longer hydrating effect. When that layer has a sunscreen filter, we talk about creams with SPF.

Serum, unlike creams, do not create a protective film on the skin, but rather penetrate the epidermis as it is made up of much smaller molecules. Its absorption is very fast, leaving a deep feeling of well-being and a very soft touch.

When penetrating the function of the Serum is more specific than that of the cream, so its active ingredients also have a higher concentration. In its formula there are different components such as antioxidants, peptides, algae, etc.

 It is absorbed very quickly and very little is required. That’s why most come in dispenser containers. They can be combined with the cream, in fact it is recommended, since this way we provide the benefits of both. The serum is applied first because it is lighter, providing specific assets according to our skin, and as soon as it is absorbed, the moisturizing cream will be applied to protect it from external aggressions and keep it hydrated.

Antioxidant Illuminating Serum 12.5% ​​Vitamin C 30 ml € 60. —
Serum with triple antioxidant action with vitamin C and pomegranate and açaí extract. It acts as a shield against skin photoaging. Provides an intense «light effect» on the face. Boosts collagen production and evens out blemishes.
Detox anti-pollution serum 30 ml 30 ml € 60. —
Detox anti-pollution serum. Its formula combines active detoxifying, antioxidant and protective action against urban pollution, for a more intense global purifying effect. Ideal for asphyxiated and fatigued skin due to lack of oxygen.
Intensive repairing cream serum 30 ml € 63. —  
Cream serum with concentrated pure retinol. Rejuvenating activity on wrinkles and blemishes for an immediate perfecting effect.

Eternal intensive Serum 30 ml € 63. —  
Ultra-concentrated serum of stem cells of plant origin. Powerful preparation for life and renewal, which nourishes and revitalizes epidermal stem cells, acting on wrinkles and regenerating the skin.

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